PRINTING….it’s a hard life

PRINTING….it’s a hard life

RIP Sir Ken Dodd and Jim Bowen – two brilliant masters of their craft. Sir Ken’s one man shows would last over 4 ½ hours on average without even a quiet second. Jim Bowen one of the original comedians, who went onto make Bullseye a family favourite – I used to laugh when the winners, who were usually unrelated, won the star prize – what are two postmen from Dudley going to do with a huge speedboat?………put it on the canal?

Now stand-up comedy is one of the toughest jobs out there – but it’s nowhere near as hard as running a print shop; tight customer deadlines, poor quality artwork, printer issues, ink costs, internet competition “we can get these off the internet for £2-50 each” and just when you are juggling half a dozen jobs, in walks Dorothy who wants 15 posters for a birthday party tonight, she’s popping to the Post Office then the butcher’s and will pick them up in half hour or so……..AAARRRGGGHHHH. I feel your pain and salute you for getting out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a magic wand to make the “Dorothy’s” of the world disappear – but if you want to discuss other ways in which I can assist, please email, or just pick up the phone – even if it is to have a rant or have a shoulder to cry on J

We know you have good days too and the satisfaction when you see one of your images hanging outside, or a fleet of vehicles that you have wrapped makes it all worth the effort.

Oh before I go – Cheltenham feedback, what a cracking day and fantastic atmosphere, especially in the Guinness Village……….Total winnings £5-64 Total spent £………… better not say just in case the wife finds out

Have a great week

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