Cheltenham Races

Cheltenham Races

Good afternoon,

Hope you are enjoying the “warm weather”, well for now anyway

I need a favour(s) – next Tuesday I am off to Cheltenham for the day, travelling down on the beer bus with 30+ other blokes, it’s gonna be a great day J

However, the only thing I know about horses…….they are big so n so’s of a beast

This is where you can make my great day a perfect day – do you happen to be a betting guru, who always takes the bookies to the cleaners? If so, come on pass on the red hot tips – please please help me out!!

If you happen to be going along on Tuesday, give me a call and we can arrange to meet up, have a pint and a natter

Anyway, that’s my plea for help, I will let you know how I get on

All the best