HP Large Format Inks

The truth about ink! Ink is just ink and printing is just printing– or is it? Cost consciousness, print quality, environmental impact of recycled cartridges – HP’s ink cartridges are made with all of these concerns in mind, giving you the best experience and value whenever and wherever you print. Buying cheaper cartridges can be a false economy. Don’t believe the myths! Are third party cartridges just as reliable as Original HP cartridges? The truth is, more than 40% of non-HP ink cartridges failed, according to a study by Buyers Laboratory (BLI), with 14% being dead on arrival and 27% expiring prematurely. However, in the same study, not a single Original HP ink cartridge failed – they were 100% reliable. Quality and reliability are at the heart of HP, helping you to avoid the cost and frustration of faulty cartridges: HP invests between three and five years to develop and manufacture each line of inks, so you know you’re always buying the best. There are no shortcuts to quality. With Original HP inks, you always get an unused, brand-new cartridge to live up to your expectations. Non- HP cartridge page yields always equal those of HP cartridges? Really? If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Research conducted by third-party analysts showed that Original HP ink cartridges produce, on average, more than 50% more pages than non-HP ink refilled and re manufactured tested cartridges. In other words, you would need to buy six third-party ink cartridges to print the same number of pages produced by just four Original HP Inkjet cartridges. HP’s page yield data for text/graphics is based on ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation) testing methodology (ISO/IEC 24711), which is the standards body recognised by the majority of the printing industry.Ink dries out if you don’t print on a regular basis. We can’t speak for others but we know for a fact that Original HP ink cartridges are designed and proven to not dry out after months of non-printing. Tests conducted by an independent company prove that HP inks can be stored up to 12 weeks under specific climate conditions and still print beautifully. HP recommends turning off your printer when you don’t use it for longer periods of time, such as when you leave on Holiday. Also, make sure you store the cartridges sealed in the original package until they are installed. Non-HP inks perform just as well as Original HP inks? Original HP ink cartridges, offer you consistently precise printouts and life-like pictures; HP delivers high-quality output that lasts. Indeed, prints made with Original HP inks printed on recommended HP photo papers typically last more than 50 times longer than prints made with third-party inks, meaning all of your photos will still be there for you when you want to take a stroll down memory lane. Whether it’s a critical business document or a treasured photo, Original HP inks continually deliver prints that stand the test of time.