Summa Cutters – 50 Years of Legendary Performance

50 Years of Legendary Performance Summa S ONE Cutters Value and Reliability Summa S ONE cutters are based on years of experience and developed with the user in mind. Delivering outstanding and reliable cutting quality over extended lengths of material Made in Europe with industry renowned reliability and 3 years onsite warranty, Summa GoSign software makes the Summa S […]

Metamark MetaCast MCX Premium Cast Automotive Colour Wrap Film

INSPIRING COLOURS. STUNNING RESULTS. The MetaCast® MCX range takes colour-change wraps to new levels. Its high-fidelity colours reflect the world’s best-known and most desired OEM vehicle paint finishes – and lead contemporary tastes. The range comprises at launch twenty-five colours offering an expansive palette targeted at dramatic and attractive colour-changes. Available in 15 and 30 […]

Kodak Publishes Sustainability Report

  Kodak Publishes Sustainability Report: Green Print Solutions Kodak recently published its 2021 Sustainability Report, One World, One Kodak, which affirms and measures its achievements and goals in driving environmental and social sustainability. The report summarizes sustainability efforts globally from 2018 to 2021 and plans through 2025. Kodak has made great strides in reducing waste […]

Contex HD Ultra X 6000 Launched

Product in the Spotlight By your Scanner Specialists Wideformat Solutions Ltd 60-inch ultra wide, ultra fast, ultra performance – Call Sales on 01543 679197 for more info The Best Contex Scanner EVER!!! June 2018 sees the public launch of the new Contex HD Ultra X 6000 60-inch wide performance CCD scanner for the most demanding [...]

Cuckoo, Stones and the Internet

Hey,………. Cuckoo’s, stones and the internet all whilst walking around Cannock Chase. Now we all know the internet is a fantastic tool and you can find the answers to almost everything and anything…………however sometimes you get loads and loads of irrelevant information. ………….not from Wideformat Solutions Ltd you don’t, we promise (scouts honour) to give [...]

Treacle’s Complimentary Shipping

Hi there……Treacle enjoys the sunshine for the first time this year. And here is Treacle enjoying his day…. and this will be good news for you . Our family pet would like to offer you Complimentary shipping on all orders up to the 25th April 2018 ……… don’t you worry, Treacle won’t be delivering the [...]

Half Time Scores

Hi ..….. it’s PRIZE TIME Well I am sat at my desk and just feel really grumpy..…don’t know why, but could fall out with myself So, to copy Absolute Radio……with their half time scores for the week so far ….. I thought I would do mine and see why I feel fidgety n prickly 1 [...]

Snowdon Parking

Hi, for the Easter break this weekend we were in Wales…. …and guess what? I got lucky! ….with the weather that is, no rain at all….well we had some snow on Monday as we were leaving! It would appear, every man and his dog, were at Snowdon on Easter Sunday and the little car park [...]

Snowdon Trek

Monday morning, spent listening to Chris going on about his fab round of golf, well don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details. Anyway, what a great weekend weather wise, spring finally here and what was I upto? Car buying! Trudging around dealerships, not a clue what I was after. Now the good thing [...]

Be More Like Freddie

Be more like Freddie, Imagine the scene, it’s gym night, cardio & weights – headphones in listening to my tunes on shuffle play and an absolute gem comes on. Queen – Lap of the Gods Live at Wembley………. well that was it, shuffle off and the album cranked up – I was lifting weights that [...]

PRINTING….it’s a hard life

PRINTING….it’s a hard life RIP Sir Ken Dodd and Jim Bowen – two brilliant masters of their craft. Sir Ken’s one man shows would last over 4 ½ hours on average without even a quiet second. Jim Bowen one of the original comedians, who went onto make Bullseye a family favourite – I used to [...]

Cheltenham Races

Good afternoon, Hope you are enjoying the “warm weather”, well for now anyway I need a favour(s) – next Tuesday I am off to Cheltenham for the day, travelling down on the beer bus with 30+ other blokes, it’s gonna be a great day J However, the only thing I know about horses…….they are big [...]

OCE Plotwave 300 – Ex Showroom Model for Sale

Save money with Summa – Sign and Digital Show Promotions

Hello and thank you for considering us for the supply of Summa cutters. We have pleasure in offering the complete range, from the entry level D60RFX-2E which is ideal for micro business and start ups, to the S2TC160-2E for the professional sign making / graphic display companies. D60RFX-2E Summa SummaCut R D60FX vinyl cutter – [...]

CAD Paper Supplies

CAD Plotter Paper Hello and thank you for considering us for your CAD Paper requirements, now let’s get you to the correct paper. All of the CAD plotter paper below are ideal for engineering drawings, plan prints, architectural plans, draft prints and are compatible with mainstream inkjet wide format plotter and printers such as HP [...]

Product in the Spotlight – The Contex HD iFLEX A2 scanner

Wideformat Solutions Ltd are pleased to offer the Contex HD iFLEX A2 Scanner. Call us for competitive pricing, we can also offer cost effective leasing arrangements. Why purchase the HD iFLEX Scanner ? Open up new markets within the large format printing sector, there are no consumables to purchase so ongoing costs are very low. [...]

Purchasing Hardware through Leasing

Wideformat Solutions Ltd are pleased to offer leasing arrangements for the purchase of hardware (printers, laminators, vinyl cutters and scanners) through our partner Kennet Leasing The Tax Benefits of Leasing explained Leasing converts a large capital expenditure into small monthly payments. Hence the company has the profit-making equipment immediately and keeps their cash reserve available. [...]

Do you weigh up the alternatives when choosing print paper?

Do you find yourself ordering the same print papers regardless of whether they’re good value, the best option for the job at hand or the best quality for your budget? We asked our customers, what stops them trying out different print media? Do they just want to stick with what they know because it’s safe? [...]

Canvas printing – why cheap material can be costly!

Any discerning photographer will know that there is a vast range of photo canvas materials out there of varying quality. Whilst it’s tempting to think first of your profit margin and look for the cheapest available, have you considered that buying cheap can be costly in other ways? A little investment in trying out different [...]

Wideformat Solutions become Midlands’ supplier for Canon / Oce’s exciting product range

We’re thrilled to become one of the selected, UK suppliers of Canon / OCE’s exciting product range! From February 2016, we will be amongst the few print supply companies in the Midlands to offer a new look Canon / OCE self-adhesive vinyl and scrim banner. It’s great to be able to be associated with such [...]

Printers – are you ready for the marketing mayhem?

There’s no rest for printers after the Christmas rush – the New Year motivates businesses to step up their marketing and fulfil ambitious plans in the year ahead. Whilst there is lots of talk about whether printed marketing collateral is on its way out, with social media and online marketing still trending as the way [...]

New year, new website – making it easier for you to order printing supplies

Welcome to the new look Wideformat Solutions 2016! We’re thrilled to be starting 2016 with a brand new website to showcase our full range of products – and help you order your printing supplies quickly and efficiently online. It’s important to us that our customers can find what they want easily, and can purchase directly [...]