Easymount Single Hot Wide Format Laminators

Wideformat Solutions Ltd are pleased to offer the Easymount Single Hot Wide Format laminators from Vivid. Easymount Single Hot Wide Format laminators are designed to perform and built to last. Their advanced features allow you to laminate, mount and encapsulate too.

The range of Single Hot Wide Format laminators, are professional heavy-duty robust models that can cope with every appliction all day, every day.

The Easymount Wide Format laminators have been designed in such a way that everything about them is aimed at helping you do your job more efficiently, more cost effectively and more reliably.

Easymount Single Hot Wide Format laminators are so easy to use, anyone can operate them with the minimum of training and these machines allow you to take complete control.

The patented pressure gauge handle ensures that you choose the correct setting every time quickly and easily.

On longer production runs, the Easymount Single Hot Wide Format laminator really comes into its own. The optional take-up unit enables you to work with reel to reel lamination, saving both time and space, making it more effecient too.

Single hot systems will give a high quality finish if you have graphics and signs to laminate. Applying heat will also reduce the likelyhood of silvering on the print.

In a nutshell – anyone can quickly operate an Easymount Wide Format Laminator !!

Wideformat Solutions Ltd offer the complete range of Vivid Easymount Laminators and their fantastic range of Laminating Films

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