1ClickPrint DTF Powder Adhesive – 1KG


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1ClickPrint DTF Powder Adhesive – 1KG

  • Fine powder for improved adhesion
  • Low odour
  • Hot & Cold peel compatible

Premium 1ClickPrint DTF Adhesive Powder for bright, durable and great feeling prints.

Specially formulated to be low temperature and exceptionally low odour. 1ClickPrint DTF Adhesive Powder can be manually applied or used in an automated shacker / curing system.

How do you apply the Adhesive Powder and cure the printed transfers?

The entry-level option is to place the wet transfer into a tray and sprinkle on the adhesive power then cure using either a drawer oven or a heat press function. For regular production we strongly suggest using the automatic shaker unit. The unit applies powder and cures all in one easy workflow operation speeding up production time by an order of magnitude.

1ClickPrint DTF Powder Adhesive will only adhere to where the wet ink is printed on the film. All excess powder can be tapped off and reused with minimal waste.

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