Shiraz Focus Software V3.0 24 Edition


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Shiraz Focus Software V3.0 24 Edition (Upto 24" Wide Printers)

  • Specially designed printing software for the photo market
  • Uniquely integrated design & production package
  • Includes sophisticated Shiraz print server
  • Intelligent 2D automatic nesting of print jobs
  • Live polling and utilisation of printer information
  • Very low cost professional solution
  • Supports all high quality Canon, Epson & HP large format printers

Who it’s for:

Shiraz Focus is for Professional photographers who wish to output their images accurately, quickly and with minimum hassle on large format printers.  Its ease of use and intuitive interface as well as comprehensive list of functions makes it an ideal solution to both novice and experienced users of digital photo printing. The cross platform capability of the software means that users are free to run their software on the operating system of their choice.

The system enables the user to fully control and optimise their print production. The sophisticated and powerful features of Shiraz Focus such as photo pack design, job queuing, job nesting, ICC colour management, costing etc. makes this a complete photo print solution. The system totally bypasses any native printer drivers and profiles resulting in total production control and output predictability.

Shiraz Foucs is constantly kept up to date with the latest drivers and media profiles for the Canon, Epson & HP professional range of printers. New features and enhancements are continuously added to the software so that it always remains at the forefront of digital photo printing technology.

What Shiraz Focus does:

The all in one integrated photo printing package that utilises the latest available software technology to create the most versatile and easy to use product of its kind.

The two main functions of photo design and print production are seamlessly integrated in this unique product. The photo pack design aspect of the software includes all the necessary functions required in a very clear and step by step fashion. The user can drag their images from the library on to the loaded photo pack where they are automatically fit or filled to the size required. They can then if needed apply any necessary editing and select the media type to print on. Finally any print parameters are selected before submitting them to the print queue for outputting.

Jobs submitted are listed in the print queue in first in first out order. User can edit or remove jobs as well as rearrange them if required. Jobs for the same media type can be nested automatically by the system for the best use of the current media. The nest layout can be interactively edited in anyway required. Once jobs have been successfully printed they will then be archived for future reprint if needed. All jobs can be tracked for media and ink usage and the costing module used to accurately price them.

The live feedback of data from the connected printer enables the system to intelligently check and control the production of all print jobs. Information such as media type and dimensions as well as other printer status are continuously polled by the system. Any changes in the current printer settings such as media changes are checked against current jobs in the print queue. If needed the system will automatically adjust and update jobs in the print queue to match the new settings.

This could for example mean that jobs that do not match the media type or size loaded will be held or the nest arrangement changed to match the new media dimensions.

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