Kodak Publishes Sustainability Report

Kodak Publishes Sustainability Report


Kodak Publishes Sustainability Report: Green Print Solutions

Kodak recently published its 2021 Sustainability Report, One World, One Kodak, which affirms and measures its achievements and goals in driving environmental and social sustainability. The report summarizes sustainability efforts globally from 2018 to 2021 and plans through 2025.

Kodak has made great strides in reducing waste and carbon emissions, creating energy efficiencies, conserving water, and supporting charitable and community initiatives.

They are focused on developing innovative print products that care for people and the planet and help create sustainable growth for their customers.

As a reseller, we are proud to offer KODAK Wide-format Printing Materials, which—as well as being a brand committed to social and environmental responsibility—offers high-quality, superior wide-format media products.

Share Kodak’s 2021 Sustainability Report with your customers. More and more companies require this information of their partners in their supply and value chain, ensuring commitment from all to being responsible corporate citizens.

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