Product in the Spotlight – The Contex HD iFLEX A2 scanner

Product in the Spotlight – The Contex HD iFLEX A2 scanner

Wideformat Solutions Ltd are pleased to offer the Contex HD iFLEX A2 Scanner. Call us for competitive pricing, we can also offer cost effective leasing arrangements.

Why purchase the HD iFLEX Scanner ?

Open up new markets within the large format printing sector, there are no consumables to purchase so ongoing costs are very low.
There is an increasing need for documents to be digitised for space saving and security reasons.
Improve workflow situations, once scanned you have the image in digital format to do what you like (additional software i.e. photoshop may be required)
The new HD iFLEX A2 scanner from Contex is smarter, faster, better and offers a more flexible flatbed
The Contex HD iFLEX scanner comes with a large flatbed surface, offers fast scanning speeds and combined with its ultraflexible design is the perfect solution for your needs.
The HD iFLEX is the most flexible flatbed scanner on the market and can scan up to A1/D size documents.
Original artwork and historical documents can be easily scanned by placing them gently on the scanner bed, alternatively the scanner offers the flexibility to scan books, textile, wood and anything else that you would like in digtal content.

Individual Imagination is the only limit
The large flatbed surface provides flexibility like never before. Scan up A2/C-size originals of any size or shape – or scan documents up to A1/D-size.
The flatbed surface is unrestricting and supports originals in unlimited thickness. You can even place multiple items and scan them into single or multipage image files using our award winning Nextimage software.

Key features of the HD iFLEX
One touch ultra-fast scanning. Images can be scanned in just 4 seconds.
Using a single camera with full 600 x 600 optical resolution and true optical lenses, giving market leading results.
Scan up to A1/D-size document on an A2/C-size flatbed scanner.
Excellent engineered design enables scanning with the lid closed, lifted, open or removed.
USB and Gigabit Ethernet with xDTR2
You can place anything on the scanner bed and let the HD iFLEX do the scanning.
The HD iFLEX supports scanning any shape or size and can be used to scan original artwork, create product catalogs or make digital archives of your most fragile originals.

Scan originals up to A1/D-size
A simple guide in Nextimage will help scanning documents twice the size of the scan bed. Simply place the documents and follow the guide. This truely makes the
HD iFLEX an A1 scanner in a A2 size.

Book scanning
The Contex HD iFLEX Scanner offers exceptional Return on Investment whilst also keeping the outstanding renowned Contex CCD quality.

When the image to be scanned is a shape – light is very important
When scanning originals with folds, creases and other shapes, the image usually results in shadows. The iFLEX scanner has ultra-bright LED light that best emulates natural light in a flatbed design and eliminates unwanted shadows in your originals. However, when scanning shapes, like brail, carvings or plants, the light source is carefully designed to capture the shadows that make up the shapes of the objects.

Quality is a brand promise
The HD iFLEX’s high color fidelity can be delivered in Adobe RGB, sRGB or even RAW RGB in full 48-bit color. Combined with true camera optics, a single 4-channel CCD in full 600 x 600 dpi optical resolution the HD iFLEX will capture every detail right every time.