Contex HD Ultra X 6000 Launched

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By your Scanner Specialists Wideformat Solutions Ltd

60-inch ultra wide, ultra fast, ultra performance – Call Sales on 01543 679197 for more info

The Best Contex Scanner EVER!!!

June 2018 sees the public launch of the new Contex HD Ultra X 6000 60-inch wide performance CCD scanner for the most demanding applications. Shipping This Summer

Includes a range of new features

HD Ultra X 6000 is the widest and fastest CCD scanner ever. With advanced technology and custom made Fujifilm lenses, you get a next-to-perfect colour match and crystal clear scans at an extremely high speed.
This scanner is without doubt the most productive large format scanner the world has ever seen.

Key features

  • Scan at 200 dpi RGB Color up to 17.8 ips
  • 60-inch width for those really wide originals
    • Custom made Fujifilm lenses ensure high-quality scans
    • Instant-ON feature which saves time and reduces your electricity bill
    • Automatic width-detection – no need for selecting sizes
    • 3-level speed adjustment to match your workflow
    • Optimised Thickness Adjustment Controller (OTAC) allows almost any original to be scanned up to 15mm.
    • Save scans directly to a memory stick using the high-speed USB 3.0 interface
    • Real performance scanning up to 1054 scans per hour
    • 1 GB extreme buffer allows you to feed the scanner as fast as you can
    • NEW touchless glass system reduces maintenance and downtime
    • Scan to Print directly to the most popular large format printers using integrated drivers
    • Scan a full range of materials including paper, card, canvas, watercolours, fabrics etc…

Available with the NEW Contex AIO – All In One application – and as a ScanStation Pro Solution – see below

Cuckoo, Stones and the Internet

Hey,………. Cuckoo’s, stones and the internet all whilst walking around Cannock Chase.

Now we all know the internet is a fantastic tool and you can find the answers to almost everything and anything…………however sometimes you get loads and loads of irrelevant information.

………….not from Wideformat Solutions Ltd you don’t, we promise (scouts honour) to give honest and impartial advice for all of your large format printing queries – put us to the test.

The reason I mention this is……
Whilst walking around Cannock Chase we heard a Cuckoo….cue video, crank up the sound and listen carefully

Now the other thing that got my attention, cause I was walking up a long hill and sliding all over the place……………..was stones, pebbles, boulders or rocks

……..the missus soon got fed up of my questions

….what is the difference between a pebble, a stone, a boulder and a rock?
…..when were they formed?
….are they still growing or shrinking?

Obviously, I logged onto google there and then and started searching for answers.

…..and now, this is my point about the internet………loads and loads of information, but nothing really clear or concise……..sometimes you just need to call someone and ask.

So if you are struggling and feel as though you are going around in circles, give us a call……..only for printing issues – not the meaning of life, or what is a pebble, stone etc…..

that’s not our cup of tea haha

If you are interested in more information on Cannock Chase (the smallest AONB in the UK) please click here

Treacle’s Complimentary Shipping

Hi there……Treacle enjoys the sunshine for the first time this year.

And here is Treacle enjoying his day…. and this will be good news for you .

Our family pet would like to offer you Complimentary shipping on all orders up to the 25th April 2018

……… don’t you worry, Treacle won’t be delivering the goods, jeez would take him ages bless him !!

to take advantage of Treacle’s offer; if ordering online, simply……..

………View Cart and enter TREACLE in the Use Coupon Code and Apply

Alternatively, if you are ordering over the phone……

….. You must mention “TREACLE” to qualify…….haha can’t wait for the first Treacle order to come through !!

Tell you what, the first online and telephone “TREACLE” orders will receive an additional little gift

All the best


Half Time Scores

Hi ..….. it’s PRIZE TIME

Well I am sat at my desk and just feel really grumpy..…don’t know why, but could fall out with myself

So, to copy Absolute Radio……with their half time scores for the week so far

….. I thought I would do mine and see why I feel fidgety n prickly

1 down…….Mother in law is still with us

2 down…… soaked this morning waiting for the bloody shutter to go up…..took an age

3 down…….. VAT to be done

4 down………fed up of this weather NEED SUNSHINE !!!!!

4 – 1…….great gym session followed by yoga last night

4 – 2……..looks like Wolves will get promoted….yes I know they can still get caught (like the collapse of 2002 but surely not this time)

4 – 3………going to take the good lady wife for a well-earned pie n a pint

4 – 4 ……………….got loads to do and customers’ orders to process …..YAY……. BOOM…..get in

4 – 5 ……feeling better already, things ain’t too bad

Now……send me a quick email with your half time scores and we will put them all in a hat and draw a name out………. the WINNER will receive a little treat

Oh and just to enlighten you the Mother in law is not ill, she is staying with us whilst her new flat is being finished off

All the best

Snowdon Parking

Hi, for the Easter break this weekend we were in Wales….

…and guess what?

I got lucky!

….with the weather that is, no rain at all….well we had some snow on Monday as we were leaving!

It would appear, every man and his dog, were at Snowdon on Easter Sunday and the little car park at Pen-y-Pass was full, so back down the mountain and pulled up on the grass verge in a line of dozens of other cars…

….more about this later !

If you’ve never ventured up Snowdon, then you’ve got to try it.

It’s great for the soul, clean crisp air and the views – out of this world. See what I mean:

….So off we went up the Miners Track, nice wide path, took our time and had a lovely walk. We arrived at the snow line and stopped, could hardly stand up – so we descended on the PYG track, jeez this was hard going on me knees, don’t think I will do this trail next time.

What is the only way to make money without the use of signs or advertising?


We returned to our car and found a parking ticket stuck on the windscreen, in fact all the cars on both sides of the road – sporting a parking ticket!

Now, I don’t want to get in to the rights and wrongs of parking, but 1 sign, just 1….


….Strategically placed where everyone walks past… after all everyone is going up, would save everyone a lot of money – or is it just too big a money maker for the local council?

So, if climbing Snowdon is on your to do list – watch where you park !!!

All the best


Snowdon Trek

Monday morning, spent listening to Chris going on about his fab round of golf, well don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details.

Anyway, what a great weekend weather wise, spring finally here and what was I upto?

Car buying! Trudging around dealerships, not a clue what I was after.

Now the good thing with this, I was really paying attention to all the info at hand, the showroom – the branding – the sales staff – how the cars were positioned, the lighting, the posters etc.. and let me tell you it’s like a printers heaven.

By the way I still haven’t made a choice, but really enjoyed the market research haha and just wanted to ask….

”do you printers really appreciate the power you have? The real power of persuasion or the pleasure in knowing that joe public is looking at your stuff!”

Well the bank holiday is upon us , me and the other half are off to Wales for the weekend, hopefully walking up Snowdon.

One sign that I will definitely be paying attention to is the one at the start of the climb -anything like – ice axes and crampons required and -10 degrees, with 40mph winds at the summit, well we will be down before you know it having a pie n a pint in a cosy little pub.

Oh and one last thing, Chris shot 67 – 4 under par at Widney Manor, the golfers will appreciate what a cracking round that was!

Whatever you are up to, have a great bank holiday


Be More Like Freddie

Be more like Freddie,

Imagine the scene, it’s gym night, cardio & weights – headphones in listening to my tunes on shuffle play and an absolute gem comes on.

Queen – Lap of the Gods Live at Wembley………. well that was it, shuffle off and the album cranked up – I was lifting weights that I never thought possible.

What tunes and what a showman Freddie was.
Now just imagine if you could be like Freddie, whipping your customers up to a frenzy, getting them to do what you want – oh life would be bliss and so much fun.

Isn’t it great how music plays with your emotions? From lifting your mood, running faster, helping you relax – music is so powerful, nearly as powerful as print – you guys are the reason people buy products, help to celebrate events, decorate cars, vans and living spaces, the power of print is everywhere.

What songs would you have playing in your print shop to encourage customers to spend, or just feel good and comfortable when they enter?
Just for a bit of fun, what song or band mean a lot to you that you haven’t heard for ages?

Well I for one will be growing a moustache, stripping to the waist and going to wear tight white pants haha what a sight for sore eyes

Here’s a bit of Queen for your enjoyment.

PRINTING….it’s a hard life

PRINTING….it’s a hard life

RIP Sir Ken Dodd and Jim Bowen – two brilliant masters of their craft. Sir Ken’s one man shows would last over 4 ½ hours on average without even a quiet second. Jim Bowen one of the original comedians, who went onto make Bullseye a family favourite – I used to laugh when the winners, who were usually unrelated, won the star prize – what are two postmen from Dudley going to do with a huge speedboat?………put it on the canal?

Now stand-up comedy is one of the toughest jobs out there – but it’s nowhere near as hard as running a print shop; tight customer deadlines, poor quality artwork, printer issues, ink costs, internet competition “we can get these off the internet for £2-50 each” and just when you are juggling half a dozen jobs, in walks Dorothy who wants 15 posters for a birthday party tonight, she’s popping to the Post Office then the butcher’s and will pick them up in half hour or so……..AAARRRGGGHHHH. I feel your pain and salute you for getting out of bed in the morning. Unfortunately, I do not have a magic wand to make the “Dorothy’s” of the world disappear – but if you want to discuss other ways in which I can assist, please email, or just pick up the phone – even if it is to have a rant or have a shoulder to cry on J

We know you have good days too and the satisfaction when you see one of your images hanging outside, or a fleet of vehicles that you have wrapped makes it all worth the effort.

Oh before I go – Cheltenham feedback, what a cracking day and fantastic atmosphere, especially in the Guinness Village……….Total winnings £5-64 Total spent £………… better not say just in case the wife finds out

Have a great week

Cheltenham Races

Good afternoon,

Hope you are enjoying the “warm weather”, well for now anyway

I need a favour(s) – next Tuesday I am off to Cheltenham for the day, travelling down on the beer bus with 30+ other blokes, it’s gonna be a great day J

However, the only thing I know about horses…….they are big so n so’s of a beast

This is where you can make my great day a perfect day – do you happen to be a betting guru, who always takes the bookies to the cleaners? If so, come on pass on the red hot tips – please please help me out!!

If you happen to be going along on Tuesday, give me a call and we can arrange to meet up, have a pint and a natter

Anyway, that’s my plea for help, I will let you know how I get on

All the best