Wideformat Solutions become Midlands’ supplier for Canon / Oce’s exciting product range

Wideformat Solutions become Midlands’ supplier for Canon / Oce’s exciting product range

We’re thrilled to become one of the selected, UK suppliers of Canon / OCE’s exciting product range!

From February 2016, we will be amongst the few print supply companies in the Midlands to offer a new look Canon / OCE self-adhesive vinyl and scrim banner.

It’s great to be able to be associated with such a strong brand as Canon / OCE, and their high quality printing products.

So, we thought this would be a great opportunity to share some of the reasons we think Canon / Oce products are tip-top.

Consistently high quality… time and time again

Consistency is the keyword here! Have you ever re-ordered exactly the same paper, or vinyl, or canvas (or so you thought) – just to find it looks or feels slightly different from your last batch and produces a different print finish? By choosing Canon / OCE, you can wave those issues goodbye! Their stringent quality checks ensure they achieve that all important consistency, batch after batch. Which means you can remain consistent too!

No unhappy clients on the phone complaining about discrepancies in print jobs and no time wasted re-ordering or re-printing. Job’s a good’un, time after time.

Choice…..one of the largest selections in Europe

If you want it, Canon / OCE have probably got it! Canon / OCE stock a professional range of media to suit all ink types including water-based, UV, solvent, eco solvent and latex, and all applications – CAD, GIS, photographic, fine art, posters, point of sale signage, exhibitions.

And they’re increasing their range all the time, as evidenced by their latest additions.

We think it’s safe to say, where print media is concerned if they haven’t got it, it’s most likely not been invented yet.

Compatibility…… runability = reliability. Everything has been tested!

We’re sure you already know that you don’t have to stick to the same brand media as your printer, but there’s often an ordering issue – knowing what successfully prints on what. Whilst we do have our very own print guru, Chris, on-board who can answer these questions, Canon / OCE have gone a step further and produced an easy-to-use online media guide. How clever is that?! Simply type in the product you use and Canon / OCE will provide their list of alternatives. Chris is happy with this, as he doesn’t have to wrack his brains so much. We’re sure you’ll be happy with it too. Go on, give it a whirl.



OK, so they’re not a budget brand – but they also might not be as expensive as you may think. For everything you get with Canon / OCE (see list above…), they’re priced competitively for the range and quality on offer. Let’s face it, if you want high spec results, you can’t afford for your print media to let you down.

If it’s confidence you want that your finished print works will be of the standard you require, Canon / OCE really are a first class option. In fact, they are so confident in their products that they offer a no quibble sale or return policy if the media doesn’t print as well as it should. It’s nice to know that’s there, although we’ve never had to return a product yet.

Take a look at Canon / OCE’s exciting products

You can find full details of Canon / OCE’s exciting products on our website here:

IJM695 Canon/Oce Standard Matt Banner 440gsm

IJM690 Canon/Oce Monomeric Vinyl Gloss Permanent 80 Micron

Or view more of their product range here.