Be More Like Freddie

Be More Like Freddie

Be more like Freddie,

Imagine the scene, it’s gym night, cardio & weights – headphones in listening to my tunes on shuffle play and an absolute gem comes on.

Queen – Lap of the Gods Live at Wembley………. well that was it, shuffle off and the album cranked up – I was lifting weights that I never thought possible.

What tunes and what a showman Freddie was.
Now just imagine if you could be like Freddie, whipping your customers up to a frenzy, getting them to do what you want – oh life would be bliss and so much fun.

Isn’t it great how music plays with your emotions? From lifting your mood, running faster, helping you relax – music is so powerful, nearly as powerful as print – you guys are the reason people buy products, help to celebrate events, decorate cars, vans and living spaces, the power of print is everywhere.

What songs would you have playing in your print shop to encourage customers to spend, or just feel good and comfortable when they enter?
Just for a bit of fun, what song or band mean a lot to you that you haven’t heard for ages?

Well I for one will be growing a moustache, stripping to the waist and going to wear tight white pants haha what a sight for sore eyes

Here’s a bit of Queen for your enjoyment.