Snowdon Trek

Snowdon Trek

Monday morning, spent listening to Chris going on about his fab round of golf, well don’t worry, I won’t bore you with the details.

Anyway, what a great weekend weather wise, spring finally here and what was I upto?

Car buying! Trudging around dealerships, not a clue what I was after.

Now the good thing with this, I was really paying attention to all the info at hand, the showroom – the branding – the sales staff – how the cars were positioned, the lighting, the posters etc.. and let me tell you it’s like a printers heaven.

By the way I still haven’t made a choice, but really enjoyed the market research haha and just wanted to ask….

”do you printers really appreciate the power you have? The real power of persuasion or the pleasure in knowing that joe public is looking at your stuff!”

Well the bank holiday is upon us , me and the other half are off to Wales for the weekend, hopefully walking up Snowdon.

One sign that I will definitely be paying attention to is the one at the start of the climb -anything like – ice axes and crampons required and -10 degrees, with 40mph winds at the summit, well we will be down before you know it having a pie n a pint in a cosy little pub.

Oh and one last thing, Chris shot 67 – 4 under par at Widney Manor, the golfers will appreciate what a cracking round that was!

Whatever you are up to, have a great bank holiday