Snowdon Parking

Snowdon Parking

Hi, for the Easter break this weekend we were in Wales….

…and guess what?

I got lucky!

….with the weather that is, no rain at all….well we had some snow on Monday as we were leaving!

It would appear, every man and his dog, were at Snowdon on Easter Sunday and the little car park at Pen-y-Pass was full, so back down the mountain and pulled up on the grass verge in a line of dozens of other cars…

….more about this later !

If you’ve never ventured up Snowdon, then you’ve got to try it.

It’s great for the soul, clean crisp air and the views – out of this world. See what I mean:

….So off we went up the Miners Track, nice wide path, took our time and had a lovely walk. We arrived at the snow line and stopped, could hardly stand up – so we descended on the PYG track, jeez this was hard going on me knees, don’t think I will do this trail next time.

What is the only way to make money without the use of signs or advertising?


We returned to our car and found a parking ticket stuck on the windscreen, in fact all the cars on both sides of the road – sporting a parking ticket!

Now, I don’t want to get in to the rights and wrongs of parking, but 1 sign, just 1….


….Strategically placed where everyone walks past… after all everyone is going up, would save everyone a lot of money – or is it just too big a money maker for the local council?

So, if climbing Snowdon is on your to do list – watch where you park !!!

All the best